Visual Eye Exam

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  • Visual Eye Exam

    An optometrist is a doctor in optometry whose first role above all others, is to examine your visual condition. He has a very preventive role: he will advise you to adopt a favorable life style for a long term vision. Your eyes are precious and at Vision-Ère we understand the meaning of it.

    The Quebec Association of optometrists recommends you, to pass eye exams regularly, according to your age and your health condition.

    Children: As soon as 6 months old, we can do a detection, especially if you suspect something. Ideally at three years old, at the latest, your child should have an eye exam. If your child talks before the age of three, we can examine him. Every year, we will follow him during his schooling years. Before the age of 5, the child’s visual system is very malleable: that’s why the sooner we intervene, faster we get results and better is the prognosis.

    Adults: At least every 2 years.
    Those who wear contact lenses must be seen every year, especially because, by wearing their lenses a prolonged time, they may develop an hypoesthesia of the cornea, again leading them to develop serious complications without feeling any pain.

    Seniors: Every year if no condition requires a closer follow-up.

    In all these cases, if the patient is known to have a systemic sickness (diabetes or high blood pressure for instance) or an ocular sickness (glaucoma, cataract, A.R.M.D or many other ones) the follow-up will be adapted to his condition.

    The first role of the Vision-Ère optometrist is to evaluate your vision and see if a correction is needed. If the case arises, he will advise you on the different types of correction that are available (glasses, contact lenses, surgery, exercises). Also he must evaluate the binocular vision and suggest one or many treatments, if needed. Finally, to assure you, healthy eye and a good long term vision, a complete evaluation is necessary. The optometrist is a first class professional: which means that he is often the one who will diagnose a health problem, even if the problem doesn’t originate in the eyes. Think of brain tumors, sinus infections, diabetes, high blood pressure and many disorders of the thyroid gland or pituitary gland, and numerous other systemic problems. Don’t hesitate to consult a Vision-Ère optometrist to keep a good visual health.